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The world from above makes the difference. FLUGFORMAT stands for professional drone photography and videography of high technical and creative quality. We record objects and scenes from altitudes of up to 300 meters using state-of-the-art high-end equipment, thereby creating completely new sensory impressions. The service profile also includes interior recordings, dynamic FPV recordings and post-production for multimedia content. FLIGHT FORMAT productions are designed based on target groups and content according to individual customer requirements. In this way, the results can be optimally used in all application environments.


  • Advice
  • Planning/Organisation
  • Ideadevelopment/Strategy/Concept
  • Approvalmanagement
  • Production-Process-Support
  • Competent Production
  • High-End-Equipment
  • Creative Contentproduction
  • Interior-Records
  • Specialrecords Indoor & Outdoor


Strong positioning

Professional drone recordings surprise with completely new sensory impressions and increase the attention of your customers many times over. This will position you stronger than ever on the market and set you apart from the competition in a playful way.

Fast production

Aerial photography is relatively uncomplicated in terms of handling and organization. No special starting places, no major technical preparations. Ready to use quickly, we shoot „just-in-time“ and deliver the results just as promptly.

High utility

We tailor our recordings individually to your project needs. We also ensure that the results can be used efficiently and in a variety of ways – from corporate and brand design applications to explanatory films or events to social media.

Smart price

Measured in terms of attentiveness, speed, efficiency and utility, the production of drone recordings is extremely cheap. The smart calculation becomes even more attractive if the scope of the order also includes content implementation, e.g. B. can be booked for social media formats. Request your non-binding offer!

Areas of application

and Advertising

Formative shots for the company website, new creative elements for corporate design, advertising and brand messages, sophisticated raw material for image or advertising films: we not only supply images and videos, but also advise and support you in matters of image conception, communication strategy and content marketing.

Social Media

We deliver tailor-made recordings for social media and optimize the content specifically for your publications on Instagram, Facebook and Co.

Architecture, real estate, construction

Put your object in the limelight like never before. Show construction progress in as much detail as you have always wanted. And guide your customers virtually live through all floors with a final view of the surrounding horizon. Radiantly beautiful by day, magically impressive by night. Either way, your next synopsis will shine. The view from above is worthwhile for the project documentation alone.

Tourism, hotel, gastronomy

Hotels, resorts and restaurants, leisure and amusement parks, excursion destinations or sights have long since become classic application objects for drone production. Conventional photography can reproduce totals, sections and details. With our FLIGHTFORMAT drones, on the other hand, we convey the world of experience as a whole, uniting people and nature, buildings and regions, exteriors and interiors, and creating extraordinary impressions that will be remembered.

Sport and freetime

Show what’s fun and how big the challenge was? On balloon rides, surfing or kiting, on white water tours, parachute or bungee jumping, in the high ropes course, on a sailing or motor boat, on a mountain tour or mountain bike climbing, we experience these unique moments that we want to capture: Only, if you want to aim high or travel fast, you are usually moving in spaces or perspectives that are difficult to access. Only with the multicopter is it possible to capture these moments, alone or as a group with large environmental scenarios and hold them as valuable memories.

Public events and events (culture, music, wedding)

Where many people come together, the view is often lost in the crowd and on the level. Complete scenes can hardly be captured with conventional photographic means. You want to show so much more in one picture. Here, too, drone technology creates spectacular standards, not only from a bird’s eye view, but e.g. B. with particularly condensed long shots from a low height or dynamic tracking shots that reinforce every audience action.

Preservation of monuments, archeology, nature and agriculture

As a rule, objects of monument preservation, especially archaeological excavation sites, are not easy to reach photographically. Drones are then the first choice to capture these places from a bird’s eye view and make them accessible with much more information. The situation is similar with natural monuments or with use in agriculture. If you want to document large cultivated areas of fields or meadows with regard to the growth status or any disease symptoms, you can reproduce an exact profile with FLIGHT FORMAT recordings. Photographing from the air is just as effective at staging forests, mountains and lakes as a natural spectacle against a wide horizon.

Approvals and Permits

Professional aerial photography with the drone must be legal and insurance-related
Meet the framework conditions that we ensure for you with the following services.

In accordance with the European Drone Regulation, we organize all the permits required for production at your location.

We have the required pilot’s licenses, operating permits and aviation liability insurance for any type of damage up to 10 million euros.


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DJI Mavic 3 Pro

The DJI Mavic 3 Pro is an innovative drone specially designed for demanding aerial photography and videography. With its advanced technology and impressive equipment, it sets new standards in the drone industry. The Mavic 3 Pro has a powerful camera that delivers outstanding image quality. Equipped with a 1-inch sensor and a resolution of up to 20 megapixels, it enables razor-sharp photos and high-resolution videos. The drone’s camera is a 4/3 CMOS Hasselblad camera capable of stunning 5.1K/50fps and 4K/120fps footage with an aperture of f/2.8 to f/11. Up to a billion colors can be captured with 10-bit D-Log M mode. In addition, the Mavic 3 Pro also impresses with its outstanding flight performance.

With an impressive top speed of up to 72 km/h and a range of up to 15 kilometers, the DJI Mavic 3 Pro is able to easily cover long distances while performing stable and precise flight maneuvers. In addition, it scores with an exceptionally long flight time of up to 45 minutes before it needs to be recharged. In addition to its outstanding flight and recording capabilities, the Mavic 3 Pro offers a variety of intelligent flight modes and recording modes. Overall, it is a powerful drone with advanced camera technology, intelligent flight features and impressive flight performance. It represents the ideal choice for photographers and filmmakers who want to create high-quality aerial images of the highest quality.

(Source: SZ DJI Technology Co., Ltd.)

DJI Avata

The DJI Avata is a compact and lightweight drone that is extremely manoeuvrable even in tight spaces. Every single aspect of the design aims to help you surpass yourself. Thanks to the integrated propeller protection, the DJI Avata can bounce when it hits an object, stay in the air and keep flying. With a 1/1.7-inch CMOS sensor, the DJI Avata enables ultra-wide 4K recording with an f/2.8 aperture! Together with the high-quality camera, it delivers exceptional images that will impress the audience. The DJI Avata is built tough to be bold. Their new and innovative design places special emphasis on comfort.

The DJI Avata is lighter, more compact and easy to carry. It enables unique footage in places that were previously inaccessible: between tree branches, under bridges or through narrow corridors. In addition to the built-in propeller guard, the DJI Avata features two downward-facing vision sensors and TOF infrared sensors for added security. These sensors detect obstacles below the DJI Avata, enabling low-altitude or indoor flight. The drone offers an impressive flight time of up to 20 minutes.

(Source: SZ DJI Technology Co., Ltd.)

DJI Ronin RSC 2

The DJI Ronin RSC 2 is an advanced camera stabilizer. With advanced gimbal technology, it offers impressive stabilization and enables blur-free, professional-quality recordings. The Ronin RSC 2 is characterized by its high load capacity and can carry cameras weighing up to 3 kg. The modular design allows for quick customization and configuration to meet individual needs and shooting situations. With intelligent features like ActiveTrack 3.0, the Ronin RSC 2 can automatically track people or objects, ensuring smooth tracking shots. In addition, it offers various shooting modes such as panorama, time-lapse and motion control to expand creative possibilities.

The Ronin RSC 2 is controlled via the DJI Ronin App, which offers easy operation and extensive setting options. In addition, the RSC 2 has an OLED screen that allows direct control and monitoring of the camera settings. With a powerful battery, the Ronin RSC 2 offers an impressive battery life of up to 14 hours. It is also compatible with a variety of accessories such as a focus motor, grip stand and base plate to further expand flexibility and functionality. Overall, the DJI Ronin RSC 2 is a powerful tool for professional filmmaking, offering top-notch stabilization, smart features, and easy-to-use controls.

(Source: SZ DJI Technology Co., Ltd.)

Added value that inspires

Image worlds from FLUGFORMAT not only impress visually, they expand perspectives spatially many times over and give every content the decisive added value across media: more statement, more depth, more scope.

But above all: More expression and liveliness.

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Not just "from above"

FLIGHT FORMAT productions are suitable for many areas of application. Of course, the recordings are not only to be understood „from above“. The flight „across“ an industrial hall, the 360 ​​degree drive around a building, the rapid pursuit of a vehicle:

We use the latest technology and overcome almost all presentation limits in terms of design and perspective, so that your project is more successful than ever.

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More projects

Whether for companies, cultural or municipal institutions: With FLUGFORMAT we create a strong visual dimension of reality and the convincing power to inspire with content.

Rebgut Haltnau

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Befreiungshalle Kehlheim

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